We are Italian manufacturer of built-in boxes for every kind of spot light.

Our items, just now the led lighting come in , are often suitable for the built in spot light and often always more request.

Because you can to evaluate our company and our products I will send to you another informations, and the following presentation:

We are the specialist for the installation of the spot light directly in the renforced concret :


image006   image007


This work was made in Jeddah  , Saudi Arabia:




Samples Installation VIDEO link for our boxes in renforced concret ceilings:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIHc_778BDE&feature=youtu.be (very nice installation )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJRAh61n7oU (very simply work )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtLp9HIkI50 (very nice system)


We have products that are suitable for the normal spotlights that may be installed in the wall or in the brick.


image035   image036


Installation VIDEO link for tekpf03 in masonry ceiling  



For the downlight spotlights of big dimensions:

image010   image011   image012


Installation VIDEO link for TEKPF05 e 06 :




For squared spotlights               and also round of all dimensions         also square


image014   image015   image012



Tekpf06/18Q  The first embedded box for the square box hole 180x180 mm





or accessory TEKPFRING … / ….. for increase the depht of the box as you want



image016   image017


Also square:                                              and with special ring as you need :



or protective support boxes, when the glass wool is to be used, for false ceiling or wood.

image020   image021   image015b



TekpfT    The first box for the electrical connection in the false ceiling.


image029b   image029

Installation VIDEO link for TEKPF04 :




Tekpf07    The new generation boxes for marks step :


image026   image027  


We would like to invite you to experienceour new range of support boxes for built-in spotlights ENTIRELY RENEWED

but especially our new built-in modular system:



image030   image031


If you would like to preview how is done, click on the video link below:

Installation VIDEO link for TEKPF05 and 06 : 

In order to understand better the importance of our new products, you can download our  new pdf catalogue

Anyway do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, with format also.  

We hope that this comunication would be to your liking

Best regards,

Celestino Costa +39 335 334581

Giulia Costa (commerciale) + 39 3338339262

EMGA S.R.L. Tel. 0545/971074






Nuovo sistema
di illuminazione brevettato
esclusivo di:
Tel. 0545 971074 – Cell. +39 335334581
www.teknosoluzioni.net ITALIA

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