Installations with depth increase with TEKPFRING accessories,
also customized, for reinforced cement on view
  allows the box to be raised while keeping reinforcing bars close to one another
even with an increase in the depth of the box for spotlights more than 13 cm deep.
In some cases, the structural designer needs the reinforcing bars in reinforced concrete to be not too far apart.
Therefore it is necessary to lift the box from the support surface, in such a way that the box is at the center of the slab and below and above can run the structural reinforcing bars which should be covered by at least 2 cm of concrete.
page b8 1 For this type of installation, choose a TEKPFRING accessory that can hold the grill and adapt the hole.

Or rather a RING accessory that already adapts the hole to the spotlight to be installed, if the final diameter is already known.


We can make any type of accessory Tekpfring to adapt our
boxes any kind of spotlight in diameter, depht, shape or size.

page b8 2
page b8 3


With this accessory the spotlight support box will be raised 5 cm from the surface of the concrete form (recommended height to allow for the concrete to cover the reinforcing bars sufficiently) furthermore it increases the depth of the box.

The reinforcing bars can therefore be placed close together and the efficiency of the finished structure will not be adversely affected. page b8 4
page b8 5 Therefore wait for concrete laying and we find the hole already finished if we used TEKPFRING


after dismantling insert the compensation grid

page b8 6
page b8 7 A subsequent shaving with glues tiles or glue for normal plasteboard will allow
hiding the remaining grill , leaving space for the perfect hole required.


Caution: Do not use lime plaster and cement directly on the grill, make always and firstly the shaving as a support.

page b8 8

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