within the ceilings


page b33 1TEKPF04T
the security box
for the transformer
and/or the electrical

h 152 x l 52 x p 52 mm
(also sold in bulk quantity)

Very often, in the ceilings, the electrical connection is made approximately and with a big risk in terms of safety and fire prevention. The rules of electrical installation provide that the electrical connection should always carriedout in a box that has the isolation requirements, protection against dust, inspection only by the use of a tools. When it comes to installing downlights, the hole of the spotlight is often smaller and it is not possible to pass a conventional junction box that could secure the connection as it should. Therefore, at the moment it is all connected with the clamps and everything is being put up there on the false ceiling, without worrying about the dangers of the junction which is free to touch metal struts, or to merge, causing short circuits or fires, also seeing the non-small electricity that can circulate in the cables of the spotlights.
Tekno Soluzioni has developed and patented the FIRST BOX that protects the connection in the ceiling, which blocks the corrugated tubes at the entrance and exit of it, forming a perfect junction, AND THAT ALSO GOES THROUGH A SMALL HOLE IN THE CEILING.

  page b33 2     - The box is composed of two halves that once closed to each other it can be opened only by using a
      - Previously open the prepared holes for the entry of corrugated so as to provide the bypass box as needed.
      - Identify inside the hole made in the false ceiling where the spotlight and the corrugated tubes arranged in advance, which may also have already been strung the wires, will be subsequently installed


- Fit the corrugated tubes, of 20, within the already done holes. A special flap will lock them, exercising on them an anti-tear function.



- Make the connection in the usual manner with the clamps.

      - Close the snap box, remembering that once closed it can be opened only by using a screwdriver.
      - Put everything into the ceiling, even under the glass wool insulation, where now THE CONNECTION WILL BE PROTECTED AND REALIZZED BY THE BOOK..

      - At this point it is possible to use another box TEKPF04T mounted in sequence to accommodate a transformer for halogen or LED lamps, or nothing else if the line is already suitable to feed the spotlight.
      - It is possible to make complete and safe the installation of the spotlight by installing a box TEKPF04 .. of the appropriate diameter, which is also already predisposed for the entrance of the corrugated
tube of 20. (See the following pages of the catalog for the use of the product line TEKPF04)



- We will now mount the spotlight in full security and functionality.



The transformer holder is available also for the installation in false-ceilings. This one is a part of the TEKPF04/T box which passes through the spotlight hole, starting from 50mm diameter. The transformer holder must be inserted through the hole having the transformer inside. It  is possible at any moment to reverse the process for any kind of future maintenance of the transformer and related connections.


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