As already said for box models Tekpf05 and Tekpf06, the version may be supplied with transformer housing. Such housing is set up to be further extended with multiple units so as to obtain a complete horizontal modular lighting system, equally spaced, thus making the lighting system setup operations much easier simply by means of the necessary TEKPFT items (to be put at a distance of 33 cm from one onother).
Universal accessory
  The sequence of TEKPFT elements, beyond defining the equidistance, also originates a conduit suitable for the accommodation of transformers, but also very useful for the dissipation of the heat produced by lighting.
In fact with the tube well done leads to the possibility of ventilating the modular lighting system with the RECOVERY of the HEAT dissipated by the lamps to heat the room.
For the first time, a system has been designed to perform at the same time two things that will extend the life of the lighting components, that is, reduce the risk of overheating and fire and RECOVER THE HEAT EMITTED BY THE LAMPS in the room, thus becoming an important source of recovery and energy saving. Placing an aspirator at one of the two ends, we will get an air flow coming from the room that will cross the lighting system suitably made with the aid of the TEKPFT sequence, cooling lamps, spotlights and any transformers and coming out of the other end, returning the heat gathered into the USAGE ROOM.
The placement of the ventilating unit (with inlet filter) and of the treated air outlet grid takes place into the two boxes TEKPF06 or TEKPF05 located at the ends, which will thus be used not as spotlight supports but as component holders for the ventilation system with heat recovery.  
  A flow switch may be located into the outlet grid to direct the warm air outside the building through the special piping, for SUMMER USE. This allows avoiding the further loading of the conditioning system with the heat dissipated by the lighting components, thus giving an important recovery source with energy saving.  
  This brand new and unique system is an exclusive and patented by Tekno soluzioni srl.  
  Important note.
When realizing out this modular system, embedded in a sequence the TEKPFT article, remember:
      Do not install the door closing tray of the transformer holder     Open the bottoms of the pre fractured background of the
  For have not a closed tunnel


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