Box application in PLASTERBOARD (TEKPF05 and TEKPF06)
as protection from glass wool that would suffocate the spotlight


The main features of these spotlights that makes them unique compared to any products on the market IS THE POSSIBILITY OF BEING INSTALLED EVEN AFTER THE FALSE CEILING HAS ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED.

In fact, besides the convenience when a spotlight must be installed in the masonry where a built in box is required, it is known that the installation of a spotlight in the false ceiling is perfect if all the equipment,  including power supply, is contained in a protection box;

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the dust and the choking of the fiberglass (where applicable) cause overheating of the lighting and of the bulb,
causing aging and limited life.
page b8 1 The background art envisaged the use of boxes that would not fit through the hole, that is, that could be manually installed only during the false ceiling construction. In the practice, often at the building site the exact position of installation of the spotlights is not known, and the diameters thereof are uncertain, too. Also, the operator that makes the plasterboard very often works not aided by an electrician,  with consequent difficulties in an operation that when performed before the false ceiling is closed, requires the continuous collaboration of the two professionals, and this is why our proposal provides even
  reducing the prior choice to only two products (TEKPF05 and TEKPF06)  


It is possible to make the support box universal for all diameters below 15cm( if the TEKPF05 is installed) and 21cm (if TEKPF06 is installed), using the appropriate compensation grill (such as described on the past pages)


The grill can be shaved from the normal putty and hide the plasterboard as a sequence of several concentric diameters, including square


At any moment, without knowing the required diameter in advance, the electrician can cut the grid and obtain a perfectly sized hole for the spotlight to be installed. That system is universal in absolute and it is suitable as a solution of the predisposition of the spotlight in the plasterboard, FOR ALL TYPES OF SPOTLIGHTS ON THE MARKET: because the universal grill may be shaved and therefore may be hidden in the false ceiling.

N.B. TEKPF06 is also available for 220 – 230 – 240mm on request.

(However, for these versions the grills of compensation can not be applied )

  Method for applying for boxes TEKPF05 and TEKPF06 IN PLASTERBOARD  


Make the hole after having installed the false ceiling




Assemble the transformer box


Insert the box into the hole and put it aside


Open the lighting box into two halves


Insert the two halves one at a time, putting them aside





Assemble the two halves into the hole


Assemble also the transformer holder



Place the box close to the hole and check the transformer closing door


Fasten the box using standard screws for plasterboard at the marks on the box edge



Insert the power supply previously connected


Install the spotlight which will then be nicely seated




protected from dust and above all, from the insulating fiberglass, when applicable.


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