For medium spotlights, Low energy spotlights, metallic halogen and even hi-fi speakers • For LED spotlights up to 25 watts  
The new tekpf05 and tekpf06 support boxes are the ideal solution when it is to be prepared the future installation of a built-in spotlight in any kind of building: for small, medium and large dimensions, before even knowing the necessary diameter.

Tekpf05 until 15 cm.  diameter
until led lamps 15 watt

Tekpf06 until 24 cm. diameter
until led lamps 25 watt
pag b6 1 pag b6 2
pag b6 3 pag b6 4
Both TEKPF05 and TEKPF06 can be installed in reinforced concrete on the prior phase of the construction. Appropriate for all round spotlights from 2cm to 21cm diameter and also for squared spotlights from 2cm to 14cm. So it is appropriate for 90% of the spotlights on the market. The support box is a sturdy container, where a compensation grill can be applied, round or square, when the building is done. The grill is composed by several concentric rings, which can be removed by cutting them using the electrician’s
scissors. This way there is possible to change the diameter or the side by 0,7mm for each cut ring, still standing into the here above mentioned dimensions. The support boxes dispose of a large interior volume, which allows an excellent hit dissipation, even after an extended use of the installed spotlight. Moreover it is possible to intervene in time, in order to change the spotlight with an other type or another dimension without trespassing the diameter of the used grill, related to the 05 or 06 model.
suitable for diameters below, round or squared, it is possible to insert the following universal grills
that can be cut at the right diameter or at the right size of the spotlight.
pag b6 5 Universal accessory
for round spotlights
diameters less than 150 mm
diameters less than 210 mm
pag b6 6 Universal accessory
for square spotlights
pag b6 7 The support box TEKPF06 can be equipped of a central support leg, which makes it resilient and thus can be trampled during the most intense phase of the construction.

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