Installation in plasterboard, wooden false ceilings
and any other material (spotlight support box TEKPF04)


These boxes are used to apply a new culture of safety and durability, BECAUSE NOWADAYS THE SPOTLIGHTS ARE INSTALLED IN THE FALSE CEILINGS WITHOUT RULES and in a rough and insecure way, often giving rise to the following kind of unexpected things, often overlooked by manufacturers and installers:

- The connecting cables and the connecting terminals are often free to rely on metal parts of the false ceilings, NOT CONNECTED TO EARTH and so with a strong predisposition for short-circuits, indirect contact and DAMAGES BECAUSE OF THE JOULE EFFECT;

that is why the use of the 220v GU10, lamps further worsens the jeopardy of the people using it.
- That way the bulbs are not protected and they are filled with dust and they overheat HAVING A DURATION OF USE LESS THAN NORMAL.
- The springs compress the spotlights in the plasterboard to the point that if you have to remove a spotlight for maintenance IT MAY EASILY RUIN THE PLATERBOARD’S EDGE NEAR THE HOLE OF THE SPOTLIGHT, leaving then blemishes traces very difficult to fix. More often, the ceilings are covered with INSULATION MATERIAL for thermal insulation, that is why the spotlights ARE CHOKING without having the necessary volume of air around them for the heat dissipation. This is causing blemishing dark halos around the spotlights, poor durability of the bulbs and the spotlight becoming opaque because of the overheating. When the hot spotlight is in contact with wood the impropriety and the danger are even more obvious.
The use of a support box, in the insulating material, specially designed to contain the spotlights and resistant to high temperatures, which interposes between the spotlight and the protecting structures surrounding the electrical connection it CONSTITUTES A SERIOUS STEP FORWARD FOR THE SAFETY AND FOR ALL THE RULES TO A GOOD INSTALLATION. May be applied also through the spotlight hole, EVEN AFTER THE FALSE CEILING HAS BEEN CLOSED.


Making the hole in the false ceiling

In this phase it is possible to insert the transformer holder


These boxes feature the possibility of inserting the cylindrical body

into the cut-to-size hole



in order to then be secured to the false ceiling, jointing two hollow bodies used to seat
the spotlight retaining springs



The result is a perfectly assembled box fitted for the inlet of the corrugated power supply tubes



The box will thus protect the spotlight and the hole edge into the false ceiling, which would otherwise be easily subject to abrasions

  The boxes are also ideal for use in all existing countertops already made  
  The BOXES TEKPF04 are also suitable for renovations, i.e. in masonry ceilings when already plastered and you have to make the smallest hole possible to avoid damaging the existing ceiling.
  In this case, however you need to open holes above the box to enable heat dissipation in the cavity of the slab.
If this is not possible, you must comply with the power limitations described on the pricelist, or use TEKPF03A or TEKPF05
Their small size, but also the lowest solicitation to the heat that in these situations is better dissipated upwards, it can be used in strict adherence with the body of the illuminating lamp.
    pag b5 12
pag b5 13 pag b5 11b It is ideal in order not to make a contact between
the spotlight and the wood







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