During the phase of building design the spotlights can be positioned in reinforced concrete, before it is finalised.
For example, the spotlights can be installed in stairwells between floors, or wherever the ceiling or floor is made specially to house the spotlights.
      In this case as well, use the spotlight support box appropriately cut to the diameter of the hole and the support feet..
    Nail the support box to the armour form in the place where the spotlight to be installed must be positioned.

Before the drop, make sure any parts which should be protected from concrete penetration, such as tube-box connections, are sealed.

Wherever it is necessary for this type of installation, seal the crack between the box and the cover with silicone.

    On removal of the form, the position of the spotlight hole can be identified by observing the two nails originally hammered in
  Also fasten the box to the reinforcing rods and position the tubes for the electrical supply cables.    


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  banner1     And.....did you know that
Old-type tubes, which sometimes replaced the installation of spotlights, are dangerously inflammable and indeed do not now respond to the existing safety standards.

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