The new spotlight support box solves a long-standing problem for electrical installation operators, who frequently had been asked by their customers to install the spotlights without having a false ceiling installed.At best the job was expensive and difficult, at worst impossible because of the existence of construction norms regulating the minimum height of a ceiling.  
  The most difficult obstacles were:
• difficulty in getting hold of parts with the right diameter and grips for the spotlight arm springs (which in any
case did not come up to CEE standards)
• difficulty for the operators to install them correctly, given the absence of the usual plaster on the ceilings, so
that the final result was nearly always not quite right, leading installers to avoid using spotlights as much as
The built-in spotlight support box completely solves these problems, and, with the help of the special application
tool, opens the door to a new working system: the installation of the built-in spotlight support boxes in
a home as a viable alternative or addition to traditional systems.


• Use the universal spotlight support box.
• While marking off the electrical plant, position the spotlights in the centre of the brick.



• The builder will make the holes in the brick as precisely as possible so as not to complicate later plastering work.



• Choose the most appropriate spotlight diameter and cut the box along the marked fracture lines.



• Completely remove the box support which is not necessary in this type of installation.


• Possibly, though not necessarily, open a fewof the ventilation holes on the box cover, to favour heat dispersion through the cavities in the mounting surface.


• Insert the box in the applicator and turn the pin to block it


• Position the tripod on the box and tighten the knob




• Using a common extensible pole for paint-rollers, or a builder’s sprung perch or, even better, three provisional plugs in the slots, hold the assembly against the unplastered ceiling and keep it steady.


• The special configuration of the application system enables you to achieve a fast and precise positioning of the box at exactly 1 cm. from the brick, leaving enough space for the subsequent plastering.
• The use of more than one application system at the same time is reccomended.



• Fix the box using polyurethane foam or quick-dry cement mortar, allow to dry before removing the application system, which can be re-used hundreds of times.



• Use polyurethane foam in small quantities. And it is advisable to apply it using the correct gun.



• The builder, who has previously made the hole in the brick, will then fill-in around the box before adding the final plaster.


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