Mark off the electrical plant position of the spotlights.
If you choose to supply the spotlights with low-voltage, with a transformer for each group of spotlights (the most economical solution in large areas), keep to the following guidelines: find the point on the wall where the transformer box is to be installed. Install the low-voltage line to a suitable length (about 1.mmsq for each spotlight of 50 w.) do this no longer than 10mts. Connect no more than 6 spotlights of 50w to each switch. In this situation,  use the TEKPF03 box. Use this box even if you decide to supply the spotlights directly with 220v using the Gu10 low energy lamp.
  If you decide to install the transformer
inside  the spotlight support box (optimum solution in large areas where it would be difficult to install it in another way) use the TEKPF03/T box which is ideal for this type of installation.
  Once the box has been installed, insert the single transformer before installing the spotlight.
If the transformer used is of 100w, it is possible to start again from the same box with a short low-voltage line in order to supply another spotlight of 50W installed nearby in a normal TEKPF box.
  Remember to use the correct cover to separate the lamp space from the transformer space, making sure that the wires are only coming out of the small hole made in the cover for this use.
  Choose the diameter of the next spotlight to be installed.
If you do not know the diameter, do as follows: find out,  according to the dimensionsn of the area or to the tastes of the client if the spotlight will need to be small, medium or large and according to this, use diameter 63 for small spotlights, 76 for medium spotlights and 96 for large spotlights. The large availability of spotlights of these dimensions on the market will allow the choice to be made after the work has been finished.
According to the chosen diameter, cut the box along its already- made dotted lines using normal electrician’s scissors or, even better, those scissors usually used for pruning plants.
    Choose the height of the box according to the depth of the spotlight to be installed, the box and the average dimensions (the most common). It is however possible to obtain a 3cm higher box by simply moving the cover higher. This will allow installation of spotlights up to 120mm in depth.
  If, however, the spotlight to be installed is a small one, or the installation conditions require a container of a lower height, it is possible to cut the box along the indicated line and, putting the box in a lower position,
  will allow you to obtain a box which will be lower by 3cm compared to the traditional model, with a minimum height of only 8 cm. GENERAL RULES FOR INSTALLATION OF BUILT-IN SPOTLIGHTS You will find in out web site films of this type of installation, clicking on play on the page

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